About The Pink Bucket

The Pink Bucket is a natural soap and body care company focused on enriching lives with our all natural and rejuvenating skin care products. We provide a variety of fragrances using all natural extracts and vegan oils.

At the Pink Bucket, we believe in the amazing benefits of nature's  botanicals, and apply its natural extracts to all of our products. Our goal is to provide an everlasting experience with our soaps and body care products. 


Our Story

The Pink Bucket was founded in 2010, following a conversation with my mother, about her childhood growing up in South Carolina.  She shared many stories that day, but the ones that stood out the most were those that described the soap that my grandmother and great-grandmother made for their families in their own kitchens. My mother described in detail how the soap was made and its many purposes, which included those for laundry, dishes, and household chores.  At that moment, I asked myself, “What if I can recreate what my grandmother and great-grandmother started, and share it with the world?” 

I further questioned my mother who shared with me a few recipes she remembered, and I was on my way to creating soap with a rich family history behind it.  After a year of research and testing, I created soap recipes that are natural, safe, non-toxic, vegan,  and moisturizing. I am extremely delighted to share with you my family's soap recipes that was shared with me and made with love.  

With a Pure Heart,

Vera Mack, Founder